Corbin Hockey Expects Improvements!

 Improvements in Agility 
      -able to change directions quickly

Improvements in Vision
      - able to see the play ahead while controlling the puck
Improvements in Passing
      - able to feel the puck better
Improvements in Control
      - able to control the puck for better play
Improvements in Confidence
      - able to create space for better pass or shot
Improvements in Technique
      - able to hold the stick to improve range
Improvements in "Moves"
      - able to win the one on one battles

Improvements in Traffic
      - able to better protect the puck


Henry Van Vuuren is the winner of the Promo Draw!

Brandon"Ask a Friend" Promotion available until August 20th!! 

Brandon Camp Promo: (August 21-24 @ Sportsplex)

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3)  Please note that a registration is not confirmed until a $100 deposit is received with the balance due on the first day of Camp.  We recommend a bank e-transfer for the deposit. 

4)  As of Thursday August 17th:

5 spots left in the 7-10 years Group

8 spots left in the PW/BT/MG Group

What is one of the key skills to develop for the following players: Patrick Kane, Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, Jonathan Toews, Alex OvechKin, Connor McDavid and Austin Matthews. When you listen to the video clip “What do Crosby, Kane, Toews and Tavares have in common?” you will note that stickhandling and body position are crucial in creating space and time to make a play.  Copy and paste the following in the address bar:

This has always been Corbin Hockey's focus for the past 15 years!  Please do visit Darryl Belfrey's site to witness some of the excellent things he does with these great players.

What does the NHL advanced statistics of Corsi and Fenwick really mean?   To put it in simple terms, it is the ability of a team to control the puck in various parts of the ice, especially in the offensive zone.  The two teams in the Stanley Cup finals rank 2nd and 4th in those numbers.  How do you improve your puck possession stats as a team?  You must develop your puck control skills, which includes passing, shooting and one on one battles! 

It is interesting to see that due to the focus on battles, a number of camps have opened in the last couple years and calling themselves Battle Camps!  Corbin Hockey has done battle drills since its first year and continues to evolve in this area replicating the speed of today's game.  The distinct difference between Corbin Hockey and Battle Camps is that we teach players skills that will help them win those battles.  Don't be fooled by Battle Camps when your child really needs the skills before they can win the battle!!


What will you see when your child is on the ice at Corbin Hockey?  You will see all players having their own puck the majority of the time and moving at their own speed.  Players who struggle with the new skills will be encouraged to slow down as technique is the most important aspect of new skill acquisition.  Instructors will constantly help players make small adjustments to a player's technique as that is usually the case.  It is rarely a "big change" in sports, it is all about the little details that make a big difference.

Players that grasp new techniques a little more readily will be challenged by executing the skill at a faster pace: all players having their own puck allows Corbin Hockey to this.  I cannot over emphasize the value of reading the article below as well as the books identified in it. 

The following videos give you a taste of some of the things that we do during the week and you will also note that we continue to evolve by bringing new drills to challenge and improve puck control skills in our participants.  

It is also important to indicate that we teach proven NHL moves regularly used by players at all levels of hockey.  The following video is what we call the Datsyuk "move": 

We break down the move not only into our four steps but also the different technical aspects of the move (hand and puck position...).  Corbin Hockey prides itself on having instructors who make the technical corrections in order for your child to learn the skill.  The Datsyuk is the first move that we teach at our camps because it is the most often used move in the NHL and it also establishes some important fundamentals for other puck control skills.  Make sure you show your child what they will learn this summer!

This is our 15th successful year!!

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Corbin Hockey Teaches NHL Moves

Click on "Other Information" then "Coach's Corner" for an explanation of each video!!

Video 1: (Several outstanding "moves" by top players). 

    **Corbin Hockey staff prides itself on making technical corrections  so players can be successful in their execution of the moves.

Video 2: (The Datsyuk "move" by Pavel Datsyuk!)

Video 3 and 4:  (Patrick Kane and Tyler Ennis executing a great "Gretzky"!)

Teaching to "fake" properly is an integral part of our program.

Video 5: Ovechkin doing his move!

Go to Coach's Corner for our breakdown of the move.


Please note that your online application will be confirmed within 24 hrs..  If you do not receive a confirmation we did not receive the application! Please note that there will be no Corbin Hockey jerseys for the 2015 summer.